I am an artist that tells visual stories about what it means to belong to the world as a creative, sensitive, cyclical being.

My work is a mixture of illustration and writing, based mostly on self reflection. I'm interested in our relationship with the cycles of nature, our bodies, our lives and our creativity.
I want to capture and share the ebbs and flows of our lived experiences in a fun and accessible way.
Mostly, I just want to make people feel seen.

My superpower is distilling big ideas into simple illustrations that are both thoughtful and fun.

for art enthusiasts:

I create fun and thoughtful products that support your personal growth. Find prints, zines and journals (coming soon!) in my shop.

for gift givers:

I am open for commissions on custom made prints that capture person's character and tell their story; as well as custom books.

for content creators:

I work with content creators, who want to increase attractiveness, clarity and shareability of their work with the power of illustration.

Order your own custom artwork:


Sara Muznik is a Slovene illustrator & landscape planner, currently based in Berlin.


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