Custom book

For those of us who love books, here is an opportunity to create our own.

A custom book holds stories of our lives and our loved ones, and I believe everyone has a story worth telling. It can be a gift for a child, about how their one characteristic is also their super power, or a gift for a friend, commemorating happy shared memory. Perhaps the story is your own - a collection of your travel memories or lessons learned. It can be a gift to a partner or a couple, capturing the "how we met" story, or a collection of everything we admire in our loved ones.

This offer is open in content, and my role is to take your idea and make it tangible. I will do that by hearing out your thoughts and brewing my own kind of magic. I'll weave in your story through a collection of hand written and illustrated pages to hold in your hands forever. Book is done digitally (you will get 3 copies per default, or more if requested!) and printed by my trusted supplier. Read more details below.

Technical details

Format: A5 or square 21cm x 21cm

Copies: you will receive 3 copies of the book (more can be arranged upon request)

Paper quality: cover 350g/m2, other content 150 g/m2


  • thicker front cover with custom title and illustration
  • front page with custom dedication
  • 10 pages / 20 sides of digitally done, hand written and illustrated custom content
  • back page with information on the artist (me!) and print shop
  • thicker back cover

Shipping: Shipped with tracking, hand written note possible upon request



This site is in preparation. Picture is symbolic.


This offer is still in preparation, but if you are already intrigued and would love to chat about a possible custom book at a discounted, introductory price, please get in touch:

write me at or book a video call here.