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I was always a creative, interested in literature, illustration, design and languages...

After a slip in highschool due to my teenage rebellion against learning about natural sciences, my biology professor gave me an ultimatum: I could only retake the test, if I also participated in the biology competition.

Surprisingly I made my way from local to the national level, held at the Biotechnical faculty, to compete with what the dean in his opening speech called “the brightest young minds in biology today, and our future students”. At that time I thought "I fooled them all!". A year later I was enrolled at the same faculty, to study landscape architecture.

As a landscape architecture student I learned how to sketch, and have drawn all my plans by hand in ink. I worked on a set design project alongside climatology and ecology classes, which I got through by breaking down complex information into simplified concepts and visuals.

For a brief but intense semester I was also an exchange student in Sweden, where I was greatly influenced by what I considered Scandinavian appreciation of wilderness and seasonal living, as well as biking, public transport, functional design and sustainability. I became obsessed with how our natural environments shape our identity, quality of life and what makes a place livable.

After a period of travelling Asia and teaching English in South Korea, I moved to Berlin for a Master's degree in what felt like a deep dive into environmental topics. I've also had a bunch of work experiences from designing playgrounds, growing culinary herbs on hydroponics, planning a bus network for Poland and counting endangeraded lizards, amongst others.

But while I enjoyed studying such topics, in work I always missed a sense of play. So during my 2018 summer vacation in a hut in Finland, I picked up a sketchbook, started drawing cartoons and decided to launch a creative career instead.

Ever since I've been learning illustration on my own and in 2020 I opened my creative studio. I've been quitely figuring it out as I go, while working part time as a landscape planner (and loving it). Meanwhile, I remain inspired by nature, it's cycles, wisdoms, whims, delights and creative powers.

I believe in...


  • the importance of play, living a creative life, (re-)inventing yourself
  • innovation lies at the intersections of different passions and disciplines


  • documenting and processing our lives through stories, seeking meaning in life and greater understanding of the world
  • change is created through awareness; expressing our emotions and changing your woldview with art


  • seeking to understand the environment and our place in it; reconnecting to our own wild self, circular living, and our spiritual connection to the world
  • the beauty of how the environment functions should be common knowledge
  • science communication lacks compelling (visual) storytelling and is inaccessible to general public
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Gemini Sun & Taurus Moon


Individualist (Type 4)




mountains & lakes

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vintage furniture


cross-country skiing







Roald Dahl

Sally Rooney

Cheryl Strayed

Life of Pi

Lovely Bones



Tove Jansson

Manuel Marsol

Happy Menocal

Elizabeth Graeber

Mona Chalabi

Metka Krašovec


Joni Mitchell

Laura Marling

Alabama Shakes

Nina Simone

Devendra Banhart


The Office


Lady Bird

Lost in Translation

Frances Ha


When Harry met Sally