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I'm an illustrator that tells visual stories about what it means to belong to the world.

I'm endlessly curious about the cycles of nature, our bodies, our lives and our creativity. I seek to recognise and honour the innate wisdom that can be found in them through documenting and sharing my own lived experiences.

My superpower is distilling big ideas into simple illustrations that are both thoughtful and fun.

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for art enthusiasts:

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I explore my interests through illustration online and turn my curated findings into prints and zines, which I periodically publish in my shop.

for gift givers:

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I am open for commissions on custom made prints, that capture person's character and tell their story. For more details, see custom art.

for content creators:

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I work with content creators that want to increase clarity, attractiveness and shareability of their work with the power of illustration. Get in touch here.

FOR EDITORS: I'm also open for editorial illustration and comics for web/print. Take a look at my portfolio or get in touch at